Why Choose Us?

Our company nurtures a team of experienced, dedicated & skilled engineers working continuously for designing, manufacturing and commissioning of our plants since many years.

Despite of our premium quality products, our fast, safe and client centric services also help us earn name and fame in the industry. We have served a number of customers located different regions of the world so far. Our clients are satisfied with our products as they are working seamlessly for over the years.

Key Features

  • Enhanced strength with durability
  • Best in class Rib Pattern
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Easy Weldability
  • Low carbon content
  • Easy Bendability
  • Higher Fatigue resistance
  • Made with ISI standards

What We Do

We truly support Make in India initiative.

Success Strategies

Our success strategies are things that most affect our ability to prosper in the marketplace. We are in way of rapid globalization and growth and we have entered in markets with preconfigured, field-proven best practices and adaptive business processes for core functions that can be deployed and ramped up quickly.

We are leveraging that data for real-time analytics, performance insights, and predictive models to maximize overall plant and asset performance.

We are always finding ways to increase visibility into sales performance, pipeline and price waterfall at individual customer and product level, so they can proactively manage prices and margins.

Our Qualities

Advanced Technologies

The Gajkesari's production mill is technologically advanced and uses an automatic rolling to ensure the quality. All raw material used is tested to ensure the high ISI quality standards.

Cost Saving

Gajkesari's TMT bars give value for money, having excellent strength it saves steel upto 20% over normal cold twisted bars. It is technically superior and has high tensile strength.

Quick Delivery

Gajkesari is capable of providing quick delivery schedule within few days after finishing complete order, this helps the customers to plan and manage their project.

Bendability, Weldability and Bonding

Gajkesari's steel bars contains low carbon and have strict control over the highly advanced TMT process and bars do not lose strength at weld joints.